Click here to watch the short film “Elements: Mary Wright: The Circle of Life” (by Eric Minh Swenson)

Nationally renowned for over sixty years, Mary Wright’s ethereal art has always been inspired by nature.

Committed to what she calls ‘environmental sanity’ all her life, she achieves Zen-like clarity in her mixed media watercolors, taking us on an unmistakable journey, through Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, reconstructing the circle of life.

Wright uses found objects, elements from the land, natural and man-made that mimic nature. Sometimes these are remains of objects processed and conceived by natural forces such as fire and water, other times they are simple skeletons of natural life-forms, elements from the sea and sand, sky and air; common elements surrounding our daily lives.

Wright, whose unique environmental vision has inspired many artists and designers, has an annual exhibit at the Wright Land, the beautiful Wright family ranch perched high on a mountain above Malibu.


 ”The essence of my philosophy is the interconnection of life – including the human world… I feel most connected to my true self when I am alone in wildness.” – Mary Wright